Abra started her month with her training off-site with her sitter but then started full-time at the Burnaby campus! She will now be working with Kaileigh, our new Instructor’s Assistant. Abra was so excited to be here. She got the zoomies first thing when she entered the yard. She has made best friends with her bunkmate PADS York II. She and York get along so well. Abra brought all the fun to the party. She was so happy to see that it snowed! She obviously had the time of her life and got her infamous zoomies out. We have been taking it easy with her and working on basic obedience. She has been doing amazing with her durations. Way to go Abra!

Thank you again for all your support of Advanced Dog Abra!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Jade, Kennel Coordinator