Lilo in her vest, lying down looking at camera with her front paws crossed.

This month I turned 6 months old and am being my silly-goofy self. I am learning so much these days and because my hooman and I finished our last day of school, we are out enjoying our summer vacation. It’s not that great so far as she keeps getting me to practice all my skills in distracting environments, but at least the weather is beautiful outside. I went on many exciting adventures including Metrotown, UBC school of Sauder, Steveston village, Special Olympics soccer, and lots of lacrosse games.

My commands are coming along, but hooman would argue that I suffer from selective hearing lately. I mean I can’t help it that the world is so exciting and filled with lots of bonus/surprise treats on the floor!! I try my best all the time, but sometimes things are a little too much for me. My cape and I have a “friends off” relationship at the moment. I feel great when I have it on, and I like showing it off to everybody, but I’m not a fan when hooman first puts it on me. You see, when it first gets put on its a little scary, and I have to walk super slow and very gently put my face in through the cape but don’t worry I am trying super hard because I know I get the good treats when I try!

Turning 6 months is hard work, but since I am officially a big little man I get to start Beginner classes and explore more of the world. Hooman says that there are more fun adventures coming up in the next month, so stay tuned to hear what I’m up too!!

Submitted By: Emily Nelson