The last month of summer has gone by so quickly! I spent the majority of it with some growing pains. They weren’t the most fun thing ever but I did do a lot of growing.

Besides getting cooped up inside the house, I’ve has been gearing up to go back to classes with my hooman. To prepare me, I’ve been spending time with sitters in offices and going to work with my raiser.

Hooman promised all the sports have finished but somehow we still ended up spending time in arenas. Hooman’s workplace moved into a brand new building so I tagged along to make sure things were in order. I helped with sorting skates, helmets, and checking out the new facility in time for the public to join me. Just so we’re clear: it is massive, has lots of new places to check out, and the best part is that I get to see hoomans of all ages and see them do lots of fun activities!

Submitted By: Emily Nelson