This month I resumed my regular life living in arenas if I wasn’t at home.  I took a trip on a giant boat to Vancouver Island and spent lots of time doing “tourist-y” things, as well as lots of time at the beach.  All of a sudden, swimming is a fun thing that I like to do, whereas a month ago, I didn’t want my paws getting wet.

It wasn’t much of a vacation, though, as I ended up spending lots of time settling inside of an arena.  My Hooman was super proud of me, because one night I ended up spending over 4 hours settling off and on while the game was delayed.

After my fun trip away, I spent the next couple of weeks going from different sitters’ houses then back to my Hooman, to get used to different people and not focus so much on my Hooman.  I had a blast, spending time with some old friends and making new friends.

Submitted By: Emily Nelson