This month has been filled with new exciting places and also some not so exciting surprises.  I started off June by going back to work with my Hooman in the Community Recreation Centre.  I was given a special assignment to put smiles on peoples’ faces and get to know the fantastic people that live in and around our community.  I was a total hit, and scored tons – and I mean TONS – of cuddles and pets.

Along with going around to different facilities, I also had the chance to practice what office like is like.  Let’s just say that part wasn’t as fun, but I did practice my settle and learned that when people walk by me, it doesn’t mean that I get to say hello every time.

After my stint in the office, my weeks have been filled with lots of outings and training opportunities. I went to a de-stress event for high schoolers and have been practicing different skills in public places such as the mall, IKEA, and local parks.  All of this training is super good for me, but I’ve been having breaks from the public as I’ve had a few episodes of tummy problems which leaves me out of cape and no fun time with other dogs.  I also developed an on-and-off again relationship with my kennel, so I have been spending more time training at home rather than on public outings. But don’t worry, it’s not a bad thing – all this means is that I get to eat lots and lots of pumpkin and homemade meatballs – two of my favourite things!

Submitted By: Emily Nelson