This month I had the best time ever!! I got to spend time with new hoomans, furry friends, and a scary squirrel (I’ll explain later)!

At the beginning of the month, winter was still here, and that means lots and lots of snow. It is super fun to have zoomies in the snow and roll all around in it.  

As a working dog, it is my job to pay attention to my handler, so my boring hooman wouldn’t let me play in the snow. Can you believe it! I had to walk nicely in a loose-leash walk and make eye contact with hooman. It was super hard, but I did it, and now the snow is all melted, so it’s not a problem anymore.

I spent almost a whole week at an awesome sitters house. I had the best time. She took me to lots of fun pup-dates with furry friends at the pads office, and took me to see my dad PADS Rolo! He is the best. My sitter also took me to meet with my sponsors!! I told my raiser hooman that I had an enjoyable time and showed her all the pictures of me having fun in the sun with my fancy new bow-tie. My sitter was the best and took me to the pads gala for puppy cuddles, taught me how to be friends with a kitty, and taught me how to love putting my paws in puddles again!!! Raiser was super happy!

After my fun week away, I had to go back to school with my raiser and sleep through more lectures. It was super boring, but she told me to do this thing called “settle” on my mat. After classes and on my days off I got to go to fun events. I went to a de-stress event in downtown Vancouver. I am maturing so much that I hopped on the sky-train and fell asleep under the seats. And then when I got to the event I was super happy to get pets, I snuck in a couple of licks, but then I refocused. I practiced so hard that I can’t tell you how the last part of the event was because I fell asleep. Oh well!

I can tell you that I didn’t fall asleep when my raiser practiced my duration down and my default leave-it (mine). She took all my kibbles and put them on the floor and not in my mouth!! As I keep growing, I show my hooman how aware I am of my surroundings. Lately, I have been more aware of the big-rigs I walk past on the roads. They are kinda loud, and I sometimes have to stop and take things all in. My paws have been doing this weird thing; they just stop on the ground. I think they call it sticky paws. And when my feet don’t get stuck to the floor, I lose control of them, and they take me to sniff things or lunge towards interesting objects. My legs are so silly!! Speaking about silly, have you ever noticed how fun it is to look at leaves blowing in the wind? I have, and it’s super fun, but I can’t figure out why I don’t get any kibble for looking at them!!

And finally, I finished off my month by having a sitting competition with a squirrel. Raiser said If I sit long enough the squirrel won’t notice me. I lasted for 3 minutes in a sit before I had to make a getaway because he was catching onto me!!

Submitted By: Emily Nelson