This past month has been so much fun!  Since school has been out, Hooman and I have been going on lots of training and fun outings.

Lately, I’ve spent my days trying to ignore distractions on my walks and outings, so that I can focus instead on running after the giant, white fluffy cotton balls that are drifting about in the wind.  They are so much fun to watch, but Hooman thinks it’s not a good idea to run after them, so I’m working hard to try and ignore them too.

I spend a day in downtown Vancouver, exploring all the new smells and sights.  I did a really good job ignoring the distractions until I saw a pigeon…..  It was a tiny hiccup, but all I wanted to do was say Hi.

Last weekend, I spent all my time at a place called an arena.  One of my Hoomans was playing lacrosse, and I tagged along for the fun.  I thought it was super nice to sleep under the seats and still take in all the action.  At the rink, there were tiny hoomans and medium-sized hoomans everywhere!!  For my first time being in a loud, hot and busy environment, I did pretty good!  I got lots of pets and cuddles, and everyone told me what a good boy I was!!

In my beginner puppy class (yes, that’s right – I’m a big boy now) I’ve been working hard on perfecting the skills I’ve known for awhile and learning some new commands.  It’s hard work being a puppy, but I’m always up for the challenge….especially if it involves kibble & treats!!

Submitted by: Emily Nelson