Well, hello, all my furiends and hoomans. Woof, where does the time go? We buppies don’t carry watches, but we do have a keen sense of time, especially when it involves treatoos, snacks and foods.

It has been a fun month. I have been to a couple more puppy classes and have started to learn and practice new skills. I like ‘perch,’ ‘jump-on,’ ‘go in,’ ‘touch,’ and the car protocol. I don’t know what it is with ‘touch,’ but if I am really excited and my little puppy brain is spinning in circles; if my hooman has me do a ‘touch,’ it is like cotton balls have left my ears, and I can listen and focus on my hooman. It is neat! ‘Car’ is important for us buppies, raisers and eventually our forever person. I have pretty much outgrown my foot well and have started to ride in the back of the car with BFD Bonnie. So learning ‘car’ is important so that I enter and leave properly so everyone is safe.

I’ve been told to expect changes at home, not with me but with my BFD (best favourite dog), PADS Freya. I’m not sure what the changes are, but she can’t come with me on my morning walks or the river trail for a while, and I have to stay close to home and away from other doggos. My other BFD, Bonnie, has offered to come with me and is showing me how to stay calm when we are near or passing (at a distance) other hoomans and doggos. Before the changes at home, I was able to go on more errands and other places with my hoomans. I think Bonnie’s advice on being calm is paying off, as I am developing something my raisers call my ‘off switch’. They tell me this isn’t a cue, but it is probably one of the most important skills a working puppy can have. So far, I have used my ‘off switch’ at Starbucks, on the front porch, at dinner time, and even on some of my walks.

Submitted by: Veronica and Ross Spenard