Awoo furiends and hoomans. Unfortunately, it has not been an absolutely fabulous February. I seem to have picked up a bit of a puppy bug and had to go see a nice lady. She is called a Vet. She gave my hoomans some good-tasting paste that I loved to gobble down and some fine yummy powder that was sprinkled on my kibble. They seem to have done the trick and I am back to being bouncy and happy but was told I had to stay close to home and try to be quiet.

I did my bestest to stay quiet but I still managed to get out and stretch my paws on some walks and snoofle the good smells on our neighbourhood trail and my favourite river trail. I even left PADS Fernie and Bonz at home a few times, and it was only me and PADS Freya. I was really good on these walks. Now I know it is better and more enjoyable to walk nicely and snoofle the smells. But it is not all trail walks and snoofling. Trail walks help me practice my loose leash walking, and I’m proud to report that I am starting to understand the difference between ‘Let’s go’ and ‘This way’ and nicely walking on both the right and left side of my hooman. Though I must admit, my hooman is better at delivering the kibz on their left side than their right. I am also getting really good at checking in, doing recalls on our walks and ignoring all the interesting stuff that I have snoofled on the ground. I get extra kibz when I do that.

I am also learning to focus and stay still for my hooman when they tell me ‘good’. They tell me that I am starting to build on my duration. I’m not sure what a duration is, but it seems long, and then I get to wander and sniff when I’m done.

Well, February is a short month, and I’m feeling much better. Hopefully, next month I will be able to get out and about with my hoomans to visit and explore other trails and places. Till then, awoo…

Submitted by: Veronica and Ross Spenard