Hi! I am PADS Alcy, one of the 7 puppies from the 7 Sisters Litter. Do you know I am named after the star Alcyone of the Constellation Pleiades? I would like to start things off with 2 big awroos to Jillian and Zack from the WestJet puppy transport team for getting me and my sister PADS Tay safely from Calgary to Vancouver and to our new raisers. I also have to do a BIG AWROO for Emile, who is sponsoring my training. I will put my best paw forward and do my puppy bestest to work hard and finish my training.

I am settling in with my new raisers. I am not lonely as they have not 1 but 2 PADS dogs to help me. PADS Freya is an older, bigger version of me, and PADS Fernie is several months older than me and also a puppy in training. But having the other dogs around does not mean it is all play, all day.

Boy, there are lots of things for a new puppy in training to learn and get used to. At home, I am learning to be patient and polite while waiting for my food or while the other doggos eat. I have figured out that my bed is a good place to be if I want to relax and get extra treats. I understand what “Better Go” means, but sometimes I get too excited and forget to tell my raisers. I am starting to understand when I am tethered and on my bed that, it is time to leave the other dogs alone, to relax on my own, and maybe get extra kibbles! I am getting to explore the sights and smells of my new neighbourhood, and that is helping me with my “Loose Leash Walking.” I’ve seen other doggos and hoomans on my walks. And while they are interesting to me, my raisers are helping me to keep my cool and focus on them. I’ve also been on a couple of walks with PADS Freya and Fernie on some nearby trails, and I’ve even got to dip my paws into a pool along the Fraser River. Boy, that water was cold! To go for our walks, I have to ride in the car, and that helps me to learn about self-settling and keeping chill when I go in the car. I am told that I am too little to know about “Car Protocol,” but my raisers are helping and guiding me through it so that when I am bigger, I will be able to do it by myself.

Woof, that is a lot! I have been a busy puppy, and now it is time to snoozel and let my wee head process it all.

Until next time furiends and hoomans, keep your 4 on the floor and the kibble pouch full.

Submitted by: Ross and Veronica Spenard