Awoo, woof and bork! It’s me Alcy. Just the other day I was looking at my pawket watch and realized that not only was it July but July was just about done and I hadn’t borked out about all the neat things I have been doing. Well, let me tell you that I have been a busy puppy. I went to puppy class. That doesn’t seem like much but it was my 1st puppy class in a very long time. It was good to see all of my puppy furiends. We practiced ignoring each other and getting to say ‘Hi’ to new hoomans. These are impawent skills for all puppies to develop. They are skills that will help us to focus on our forever person and keep them safe.

Borking about skills. Another skill that I have been working on since I was a very young puppy is learning to ignore and leave things that I snoof out. This could be an interesting stick, things blowing by in the wind, to bits of food or kibble that aren’t given to me by my raiser. My hooman uses the cue ‘Leave it’ and says next to loose leash walking it is the most important skill I can learn. It will help keep me and my hoomans safe. And boy am I getting good at it! Gone are the days of me chasing leaves and searching out for the kibble that bounces off my nose. In fact the other day I was patiently waiting on my bed when my hooman dropped my whole nighttime snack on the floor right in front of me. Bonanza! But I kept my cool and didn’t even try to get any of the kibbles. Even the pieces that were right in front of me. I waited patiently until it was all picked up and waiting for me in my bowl. My hoomans were very impressed and even threw in a few extra kibs as a reward.

But it is not all training, practicing and learning new cues. With the hot weather, I have to be careful with my walks. So my hoomans have been getting up earlier and taking me to a nice trail that has a great big pool of water. Now I have experience with my puppy pool but nothing this big. So my raisers started me out slowly and let me wade in and explore the water. Boy, was it cold, and that made me very excited. Next time I was able to quietly walk into the water and wander about. The 3rd time I was just about to go in the water when some hoomans came by and they were riding on the biggest dogs I have ever seen. They looked different and smelled really strange. I watched as they waded through the water and didn’t even get their tummy wet. After they were gone, my hooman told me they were called horses and if I stayed calm and their hoomans allowed it, I might say Hi the next time we see them.

Another new thing for me was spending several hours with a new hooman and her family. My hoomans were going to go to a party and didn’t think it would be good for me to go as it would be really noisy, busy with lots of small people playing and running around. So they took me to see Megan. She was really nice. She helped me say hi to her partner and her daughter. I was a very good puppers. I listened to her and followed her cues. I was polite when it was supper time. And afterwards, I rested quietly on my bed until my hoomans came to get me. Megan said I could visit her family anytime. My raisers were very happy.

Well, my furiends that is it for now. Remember to splash in the water when you can but keep your kibble dry and 4 on the floor.

Awoo for now.

Submitted by: Ross Spenard