Awroo woof! to all of my furiend and hoomans. You can now follow my adventures on my very own Facebook page, “PADS Alcy.”

It is March, and spring is in the air, or so my nose tells me. I am a growing buppy with a whole bunch of new pearly white teefh. My little fangs are gone and have been replaced with new and improved kibble crunchers.

My hooman raisers have started to take me with them when they are going out to do something they call errands. I like doing errands as it gives me the chance to see and smell lots of new things and practice being a good puppy in public. One of their favourite spots to go to is a place called Starbucks. I like Starbucks. It is a great place to hooman watch and practice being calm even with the music and when lots are happening.

I also went to a place that had many new smells, lots of hoomans and funny rolling cages. I was told it was a grocery store and it is a place hoomans go to get their kibble. But it was not all errands and trail walks. I did some serious stuff too! I went with my raisers to an activity centre while they talked with other hoomans about PADS. I was their demo dog, and I did my very best to show how I could sit, wait, be patient and quiet while the other hoomans really wanted to pet me.

I’ve also been to a couple of puppy classes. I am learning about targets, perch, and something called ‘door protocol.’ After puppy class, I get to practice my kennel time. I am getting really, really good with kennel time. It is one of my favourite things to do because I get to practice, practic, practi…. zzzzz

Submitted by: Veronica and Ross Spenard