Hello, furiends and hoomans. My raisers said something to me about April showers bringing May flowers. I’m not sure what they meant but things have been growing around my home and that is why my update is a bit late.

My BDF (best dog friend) PADS Freya, got really large and very tired. Then 1 day she had 9 buppies! I am really intrigued by the smells and sounds these buppies make. My raisers have told me until the buppies are big and leave for their careers in their yellow vests, I have to do my part to keep the buppies safe and healthy. That means I have to stay close to home and can’t go out to public places or in-person puppy classes. What I heard was VACATION! Oops, I was wrong.

My raisers have been keeping me busy with training and practicing my cues at home. I can go on car rides and that gives me time to practice my ‘car protocol’. I’ve grown and no longer fit in my cozy footwell and have graduated to riding in the back of my car. There is lots of room but I have learned this is not a play area but it is a great place to snoozel, sightsee and people-watch. I started by going on short drives by myself but now I can ride with my other BDF Bonnie with me.

On my daily walks, I get to work on my loose leash walking, position changes on the move and when we visit the park I practice my ‘go in’ under the benches and ‘perch’ and ‘jump on’ on the boulders. I really like the ‘jump on’ cue and that helps me with loading into the car. My daily walks also help me practice focusing on my hooman and ignoring all the neat smells. Have I told you that I live in a veritable zoo with bears, deer, the occasional Bobcat and lots of fluttering birds? I have a nice big yard that I get to explore and play in. It is a great place that my hoomans use to help me with training. I am working on ‘heel’ and ‘side’. I’m pretty good with heel and starting to get the hang of side. I also get to work on ‘duration’. That means I keep doing what I’m doing until I am told to do something else.

Speaking of doing something else – all this thinking of training is tiring for a young puppy in training and that means I get to practice ‘kennel’ and have a well-deserved snoozel. Til next month. Keep your kibble dry and 4 on the floor. Zzzz

Submitted by: Veronica/Ross Spenard