A spooky Awoooo and woof to all my furiends and hoomans. Wow, another month has come and gone. And it was a busy month for this puppy in training. My raisers warned me things were going to change. I wasn’t sure what to expect but one day I went out to snoof the backyard. It was really cold! Everything was white – even my toys and the ground was hard. Some of my toys were stuck to the ground and I had to pull hard to move them. They made my mouth cold and that got me really excited. My hooman told me that if that was exciting, I am in for a real treat when the snow comes. Now I am getting used to the cold, the wet and sometimes the cold and the wet! I am not a real fan of either but that is OK ’cause I have a nice raincoat and a snow coat. Yes, I am a well-dressed puppy.

My hoomans have been taking me for lots of trail walks. They say it is the perfect place for me to practice my puppy skills. One of the things I am working on is ignoring the other doggos that I see on the walks. I am getting real good at passing them by and that makes my raiser real happy. We have even stopped and talked with other hoomans and their doggos.

But it is not all trail walks. I have been to the stores and have started practicing something called durations. That means I get to stand, sit or lie down for a while. I used to boop up all the time but now I can stay still. Sometimes it seems like a long time to my puppy brain but my hooman makes sure to release me before I decide on my own to move. I am really a good puppy at lying down. And I don’t mean when I am sleeping.

The other day my raiser took me to a restaurant. This one was different from my last restaurant visit. This time I went inside and stayed inside. Not only that I had to do a ‘go in’ under a table while my raisers sat on the benches. And I had to do it with PADS Fernie because she needs the practice too. I am proud to report we aced our ‘go in’. The other people in the restaurant sure were surprised when we came out from under our table and politely walked out. I even noticed my raisers had a grin…

I also got to do a lot of dressing up this month. I wasn’t really sure why I had to dress up but it was exciting and fun. Apparently, October is a fun month and it ends with a fun day for the little hoomans. It is something called Halloween, which involves Trick or Treating and dressing up. I wasn’t quite sure what to wear so I tried different things to see what I was comfortable with. When Halloween actually happened, my hooman made sure to take me Trick or Treating while it was still light out so I could see all of the little people and it wasn’t too busy. I got lots of looks and comments while I walked around our neighbourhood. I even scored some neato dog treats from our doggo friends. Afterwards, I went inside and dreamt of ghosts, gremlins and funny-looking little people.
And speaking of dreams, it’s time for my puppy nap.

Til next month and new adventures have a great da…zzzzzz……

Submitted by: Ross Spenard