Awooo and woof to all of my furiends and hoomans. Wow, it has been a month. I’ve been on lots of walks along the river and I’ve tried my paws at swimming. Let’s just say that my dog paddling is a work in progress. On my walks, we often see other dogs. My raisers are helping me to make good decisions when I see these dogs. That means they are helping me to keep my focus on them as we pass by.

I also went on a day adventure with my hoomans. They took me to a place called Steveston Village. The air there smelled really different. I was told that was what the sea smelled like. I liked it and did a lot of snoofing. We went for a long walk by the water and I got to try my sea legs. We walked down a long ramp onto a large wood floor that moved up, down and around. There was water all around it and the water moved. I liked to watch the moving water. And birds… There were lots of birds and they made loud squawking sounds. I did lots of walking and I got to see lots of new dogs. My raisers said I did great. All that walking along our river really helped me. I snoofed when they passed but I kept on walking and kept my focus on my hooman. After all the walking I went to a restaurant. Now I have been to food courts for a quick walk around. But this time my hoomans sat at a table. I had to relax on the floor next to them and ignore all the people passing by and even the occasional dog that snoofed me. I think they had a good time but I really can’t say as I had to let my eyes rest. Finally, on our way back to the car I saw some people and my raisers said I could go and say “hi” to them. I was really, really excited to go say hi. For some reason, they just stood there and I didn’t even get a scritch from them. Oh well. Maybe next time they will give me a scritch?

I also got to spend some time with trainer Tracy. My hoomans took me to see her at a mall. Now I have been in malls. But this mall, by my dog standards was mahoosive! We met outside. Then I walked along a busy sidewalk and past lots of new hoomans. I really wanted to snoof them all but I kept my focus on my raiser. Then we went inside and I had to walk up and down the narrow aisles. Inside the mall, I went past all the little people playing with their toys, up lots of stairs, walked along the glass railing and watched the people walking below me. Then I walked into the food court and found a table where I settled while trainer Tracy talked with my hoomans. Finally, I went into a room that moved up and down. Then we went outside where I settled and watched the people walk by. Trainer Tracy told me I was a good buppy and to keep up the good work. And to practice, practice, practice…Boy was I a tired puppy.

Well furiends. Just telling you has made me sleepy. It is hard work being a puppy in training. Until next time. Keep your kibz dry and your 4 on the floor.

Submitted by: Ross Spenard