The cooler weather and clearer air this month meant that we could resume our normal training schedules, go on exciting outings, and train outside more. We even had a puppy class at a park out in Burnaby! The tall and short raisers take Anna and I grocery shopping on a regular basis, so they thought it would be a good idea to see how we do in an open-air market; we rocked it. Also, as the air was not so smokey, we got to spend more time chilling on our new patio. I have to be leashed when we spend time on the patio as there are so many sticks and maple seeds on the ground, and I cannot control myself just yet – Anna can, so I am trying to be more like her.

Mid-month, the short and tall raiser was really busy with work, so Anna and I got to have some quality sitter time. I had lots of fun with my sitter Cathy who took me on an Adventure for the Move Fundraiser.

August was a good month for me … check out my Instagram @padsalmond for funny photos of me and my sister Anna @padsanna

Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik