I am starting to get the hang of this! My raisers are so happy with how fast I am learning my house manners; I am especially proud of how good I am when they are working out.

March was a big month for me, I got to visit HRH PADS Empress and her staff took me to visit my Momma Sierra who lives with Empress’s Momma Roma. They also took me to the beach and many other places in her chariot. Empress’s staff, whom she calls Tall and Loud, are sure fun. It was nice to visit with Empress but I sure missed Anna. When I got back home, we went on outings to the grocery store and the library and I also started to walk along busier streets. Sometimes the loud trucks scare me, but my people are always there to reassure me that all is well and give me a little snack.

Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik