I got to go and visit my good pal Empress again this month. We snoozed in the sunshine, and apparently, the tooth fairy had to work extra hard while I was visiting, as I lost the last of my 5 baby teeth. Loud and Tall (Empress’ staff) gave me cold things to help with my gums and took such very good care of me.

New skills I have been working on this month include Down, stand, and chin. I continue to work on my sits, and I love to work on perch.
Now that both Anna and I have recovered from our surgeries (Anna was spayed and I had my eyelid fixed), we can go for off-leash adventures. My raisers tell me that they are very happy with the recall… not sure what that means, but I love hanging around them as they have the kibz!

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Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik