Okay guys, so this month I became an only child. PADS Anna went to go and train with a new raiser, so I have the undivided attention of the Tall and Short one! This is a good thing as I am feeling extra spunky lately, and my raisers say that I am going through adolescence. I don’t know what that means, but oh well, I just want to have a good time.

Training is going well, and I feel like I am getting good at many different things. My raisers take me to the grocery store and into coffee shops all the time, and I like to think that I am well-behaved in all situations. They are building a big underground train in my neighbourhood, so there is a lot of construction and noises right now. Most of the noises are okay, but sometimes I need a little reassurance from my raisers that nothing is going to get me.

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Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik