This month started off busy and then got really calm. The weather was sunny, so it was decided that we all would spend time outside relaxing on the front porch. It was fun to watch all the people and dogs walk by. Almond kept calm, and she did not bark or anything – she is starting to become cool like me. Then the raisers took us to the place where we normally buy cookies and toys, but this time they gave us baths – I am not a fan of baths. Then to add insult to injury, they took me to the vet to have me “fixed” … I didn’t even know I was broken! Anyhow, after that, I was pretty tired. Almond also went to the vet to have her eye fixed, so we have been taking it easy for the rest of the month. Thanks to Pads Tira for letting Almond and I borrow your puzzles to keep us entertained while we recover.

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Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik