We stayed close to home early August as I was not feeling too well. With Kaylie’s help and a quick visit to Dr. Vanstone at the Burquitlam Animal Hospital, my raisers changed my food and gave me some yucky medicine that had my tummy feeling a whole lot better. After a few weeks of rest and recovery, my raisers and I started going out and about again. Only short outings at first, but then I found my groove again and was rocking it in the grocery store as well as other shops. We went to Vancouver Island at the end of the month and had a lovely time. My raisers were very proud of me as I spent most of the ride napping – not my first time on a Ferry boat – no big deal. My raisers are also participating in the PADS Move Fundraiser so I am supervising their push-ups to make sure they do them all.

Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik