We had some crazy weather in June. There were some rainy days and some super hot days. On those rainy days, I wore a very stylish raincoat, and on those hot days, I lounge by the puppy pool raisers set up for me and Almond. I don’t mind wearing a raincoat, and the one my sitter had even came with a hood! I think I look fabulous.

On those really hot days, I enjoyed putting my feet in the puppy pool, but Almond did not. We took it easy on the training during the heat of the day and spent some time in the basement, where it is nice and cool.
When it was not too hot out, we did our normal stuff when it was not too hot, like shopping and walking around the neighbourhood.

When my raisers painted the living room Almond and I got to go and stay with some awesome sitters. Apparently, our people did not need our help painting and also wanted to make sure we stayed black dogs.

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Submitted by: Meredith & Henrik