A big change occurred in my life this month.

My sister PADS Monet decided that she did not want to be a working dog after all. 

She became a pet instead and moved over to Vancouver Island to be with her forever family.

I will miss her but I am top dog now so all the toys are MINE!!

Another big milestone in my life occurred this month too.  The last of my puppy teeth finally fell out!!  I am now chewing like crazy to get my big girl teeth comfortable in my mouth.  My raisers have made sure I have a good supply of chew toys so that I am not chewing on stuff I am not supposed to.


We still have our puppy class at home (to keep my raisers safe) and I am learning lots of new things and building on the skills I have learned thus far.  My raisers are also working hard on their skills too.  They bring out mats and jump around and do other weird things.  Most of the time I supervise to make sure they are doing it right, sometimes I have to go over and motivate them!

Submitted By: Meredith & Henrik Areskoug