Another big month for Antonio. Early on, he had a growth spurt (almost 9 months old and 62.8 lbs already), followed by an allergic reaction to an unknown allergen that required meds and lots of rest. After he’d recovered, he went for the weekend to stay with his puppy starters. Everyone had a great weekend, and he was thrilled to see them again. Didn’t even look back when we handed him over. Then he went on another sitting adventure, and that was also a huge success, so we hope to make it a regular thing. It’s good for him to have a change of household.

He also went to the chiropractor and stayed calm throughout but for the first time, he had no kong or chew toy. (Chiropractor was very impressed.) Several restaurant visits where he did calm go-ins. Also, learning to be calm on the patio; no cats but plenty of birds and butterflies for distraction. Our boy is growing up (although he can still shred a new toy in under five minutes).

Submitted by: Erin & Clelie