February was a month full of challenges for Antonio, but he worked his way successfully through most of them, with help from lots of tiny kibbles. He likes to be part of all the action but is learning to chill out as much as possible. The cats, of course, do their best to test him on that one. Snow is very exciting and also tasty. He loves ploughing his way through it and yet will not set one foot in a puddle. There might be monsters.

He’s still on confetti kibbles, but the mummas aren’t dropping as much through their fingers, which makes him sad. He’s trying out additions to his diet, and so far, milk bones and pumpkin are friendly, bananas and peanut butter not so friendly.

On Valentine’s Day, MummaC took him to show off to some nice people. He went on Skytrain very nicely and even explored a coffee shop. MummaC also took him to the choir with her, which was okay. He wasn’t allowed to say hello to them like he wanted. He went on his first medical appointment with MummaC and just focused on his Kong.

All in all, a very good month.

Submitted by: Erin and Clelie