Antonio came to live with Erin and Clelie (and the cats) at the end of December 2022. He is adapting well to having two households and two mummas. He’s a happy, cuddly boy who comes bouncing out of his kennel every morning, wriggling and wagging his tail, ready to greet the world. He had some tummy troubles and is now testing confetti kibble, teeny tiny kibbles that fall out of the mummas’ fingers and the side of his mouth. And…he’s almost done teething. Almost six months, and still a couple of teeth to go.

He has learned to sleep quietly when MummaE is working from home but doesn’t relax so well yet at MummaC’s because he’s eternally hoping the cats will notice him. When that doesn’t happen or when MummaC is lost in her iPhone, he objects. Quite loudly. He also likes to put everything into his mouth, including the carpet, cat perches, and human hands and feet. All in all, he’s a lovely boy, and the mummas are thrilled to be raising him. (The cats are undecided.)

Submitted by: Erin and Clelie