Antonio had a busy month in March. His bff Nimbus came for a playdate, and he went to PADS twice to greet people, show off how good service puppies can be, and played in the PADS yard with Thresher.

MummaE took him to a beach in America and then stopped off to meet working Auntie Summer, who was visiting PoppaPeter and NanaNeen. He aced his in-person classes, sat quietly through choir rehearsals and medical appointments, travelled nicely on sky trains and buses, and had a yummy puppacino at Starbucks.

He has excellent public manners. Because he is getting to be very strong, he’s now wearing a halti which has cut down a lot on the pulling.

MummaE went away, leaving him for a whole week with MummaC and the cats, and everyone behaved very well, all things considered.

Submitted by: Clélie and Erin