This month was another busy one for me.

My raisers wanted to sneak in some vacation time before the end of summer and full-swing start of work and school. They took me on a long road trip to the lake where I tried to do some swimming, but I found myself to be more interested in the washed-up fish than the water. I was eventually persuaded to give swimming an honest try, so I nervously waded out until I found myself floating. I did a few doggy paddles before deciding that the scent of fish was indeed more interesting, and I made my way back to shore to try to pick up the scent again — that ended my first attempt at swimming.

I was all stinky and wet, so my raisers pampered me with a fresh bath as we made our way back to Calgary. We went on one more short trip to the mountains before my raisers set off for a vacation on their own, leaving me to be spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa for a couple of nights. Once they returned from their trip, there was plenty of work for them to catch up on, so I spent some days in the classroom and at the lab! I attended some lab presentations which were so boring that I slept through their entirety, but was given a tour of the lab afterwards. The biohazard bins had a funky smell coming from them and even though I had the urge to investigate those bins, I wanted to impress my raiser’s labmates, so I was sure to ‘leave it’ as we walked past.

I also enjoyed a movie theatre visit, a birthday party, and a restaurant dinner this month. With August coming to an end, I’m looking forward to all of my new adventures coming in September. I will get to meet all of the students in my raiser’s class and enjoy being the only true ‘teacher’s pet’ in the room — I know all of the grade sixers will be jealous!


Submitted by: Katie & Jonah