Arctic started the month by spending some time with a sitter. He did well but I think he missed the craziness of all the other dogs at home! We have been working on settling at home and not playing with Bruno all the time.

He is such a fun puppy to train and picks up skills quickly. He has learned the verbal cue ‘sit’ and is offering ‘down’ like a pro. We are working hard on the proper mechanics and transitioning between a sit and down position. Within the next couple of weeks, we will add a verbal cue for down. He is a natural at loose-leash walking and can maintain his position while walking beside Bruno.

Arctic had a couple of outings to Canadian Tire this month and was a pro. He travels well in the vehicle and alternates between riding in the back or the passenger wheel well.

Since receiving his final puppy vaccines, Arctic has been able to explore more of the world which he has enjoyed immensely. He visited a private off-leash park and was able to stretch his legs. As much as he loved following the other dogs, he was always quick to check back in whether there was food involved, or not.

This coming month, we will continue to increase the frequency of our public outings and the duration of these trips.

Submitted by: Stephanie