My family has been super busy this month and I have enjoyed coming along for the ride. We had plenty of birthday celebrations, which meant that I got to go out for some fancy dinners, and I was sure to wear my bow tie. I also got to travel out to the mountains where I enjoyed all of the wildlife smells. I have been practicing walking nicely beside my handler and ignoring all of the distractions around me even though I sure find them interesting! At the end of the month, I got to attend the first of many Christmas parties to come. This one was at a piano bar and even though it was such a loud environment, I was able to easily settle under the table for the entire night. 

I have been working hard in my training as well. Some of my new skills for the month are “bed” and “perch”. Puppy class is so much fun because I love to move around from perch pod to perch pod. I’m starting to get the hang of things and I’m learning to leave my puppy visits until after class. 

Last but not least, I finally got my school photos back, everyone has been telling me that I’m the most handsome guy in school!

Submitted by: Jonah and Katie