I hope everyone had a great SPOOK-tober – I know I sure did!! It was much of the same as last month, spending lots of time at both the little kid school and the really big kid school. Outside of all of that, there were lots of fun things I got up to that I am excited to share with you!

First, my raisers brought me to three different Thanksgiving dinners. I was hoping I could sneak some of that yummy-smelling food at some point, but no droppings were to be found… how rude! One of these dinners was out in the mountains, where I got to enjoy lots of walks in the woods and sometimes playing in the creeks. We encountered some elk and a bear, but luckily, I didn’t really notice the bear. I did, on the other hand, notice the elk, and I wanted so badly to go up and play, but I was also a little scared because they were so big. There were so many new smells, and it took me a little while to get used to it, but it was a great learning experience for me!

This month I also got to experience the very first snowfall! The last time I saw snow I was a very little puppy, so this was a new experience for me altogether. I was a little unsure what was going on at first, but now that the snow has been on the ground, I absolutely love playing in it. I managed to get my nose deep in the snow and find so many things (especially apples, my favourite!). I always finish my walks or time outside with snow all over my face!

Another big thing that happened this month is something my raisers like to call “Halloween”. Has anyone else heard of that before? All I know is that suddenly there were people around me who had scary masks, face paint, crazy hair, etc., and I had this thing on my back that resembled a turtle shell. Yes…my raiser made me dress up. She was Luigi and I was the green shell from Mario Cart, whatever that means! I was unsure what was going on at first when I got to school and saw people, but when I started to learn that I already knew all of these people, I started to settle down a bit. When it started to get dark outside, people started coming to our house, knocking on the door, or ringing the doorbell. I really put my guard up at first because I’m not used to people coming to our house like that. But after some training with my raisers, I learned to go sit on my bed and wait until my raiser said it was okay to go and check it out. I was a really quick learner, and my raisers were very proud of me!

Overall, I had a great month, and I am making so much progress. I love the snow, playing with doggy friends and cuddling with my people. Thank you to everyone for all the support you give me and my other PADS friends.

P.S. Check out my very own school ID card. I really feel a part of my little people’s school now! Yes, they spelled my name wrong, but I’m willing to forget about that.

Submitted by: Katie and Jonah