My littermates and I turned ONE year old on July 9th! And we had the most fun time at our birthday party!! This is me with 2 of my brothers on either side, Flash and Gideon, posing in our Minions party hats! Thank you to all the amazing PADS puppies-in-training, raisers, sitters, and trainers who all came to our party. It looked like a massive labrador convention at the dog park! We partied allllll afternoon with our hoomans – running, wrestling, swimming, and of course stopping briefly for treats every once in a while. GrannyJacqui brought us giant ice blocks filled with carrots and blueberries, and one of the ice blocks was even infused with chicken broth. NOMNOMNOM! Gideon’s puppy raisers made us pupcakes… yes, our very own puppy birthday cupcakes! And MummaKelsey brought ice cream cone stuffies for each of us as birthday presents. They didn’t last long at the park because we played tug with them in the mud to our hearts’ content, but everyone said it was worth it to see us playing our sillies out.

We have to brag for a moment because, as PADS pups-in-training, we of course know not to touch hooman food, so our raisers confidently laid out their own snacks on the picnic tables while we celebrated and played like crazy. This wasn’t an issue until another dog came along and started helping himself to some of the hooman snacks. That puppy’s person asked why we’d left so much food on the tables, and we all giggled because… it’s not a problem with PADS pups!

Look how I’ve grown… from a squishy little 15 lb fluffball at 2 months old, to quite a dapper young mischief-maker, if I may say so!


Ahhhhh, to be spoiled as a birthday boy! This is the life.

Submitted by: Kelsey Smart