Asti turns 6 months tomorrow, and is growing like a weed and is in her third vest now. With the snow all gone, she loves being off-leash, especially with all the new smells and surfaces exposed. Costco is a regular outing, but today was CRAZY, and Asti was a pro and took it all in her stride. There were a few temptations on the floor in the food court but thankfully had some yummy distraction treats.

Asti does not like open stairs, so this will be a time-consuming goal we will conquer with lots of patience, practice, treats, and of course, praise. Callie, her big sister, will no doubt be a great role model and help Asti overcome this obstacle.

With her huge ears, puppy zoomies, and super fast recalls, she is one entertaining gal. Asti, please stop growing so fast !!!!

Submitted by: Isy