Asti has had a pretty busy month full of new experiences in addition to keeping cool in various pools and rivers. Asti made a visit with me to the Foothills Hospital and performed beautifully. I was so proud of her attentiveness, so many new distractions that could have thrown her off, but she was unphased. The Doctors and Nurses were super happy to see her and were very respectful that she was in training.

We joined the PADS gang at short notice for a visit to the Calgary Stampede, the youngest pup at the event, and she did pretty well. Super loud music, crowds, lots of attention and opportunities to promote PADS. She did attempt starting a few puppy shenanigans with the other older dogs, but they politely declined!!! and I reminded Asti to “Leave it.”

Finally, we visited the VAST unit at CPS, it’s a great place to practice open-backed stairs, and word seems to spread quickly when Asti is in the building, and she gets to practice her polite greetings.

Finally, Asti got to meet Nova, a new kitten in the house and was firmly put in her place with kitty hisses. All in all, another fun-packed rewarding month with ASTI.

Submitted by: Isy