Sorry, I have been MIA. It is my raisers’ fault!

May was a big month for me! I turned 1 on May 31, and my puppy class had a party for me. Miss Elaine, who started me as an itty bitty baby, took me; I love her a lot!

I visited the coast a lot this month. My raiser took me in to visit her dad in hospital and hospice. He adored me! And so did all the staff. They would come and visit me while I lay down and was so well-behaved. Other patients and their families would come and see me, too and give me lots of love and attention. My raiser said it was fate that I came to her because her dad and I shared the same birthday, and my being there helped them during a really hard time.

I have a brother dog. He is a lot smaller than me but thinks that he is about 200 lbs bigger. He shares his toys with me, and I love to carry his food dish around after we eat. He likes to go under the bed, and I have decided that I do too. But I don’t fit as well, and I usually have to contort myself to get in and out.

On one of the trips down to the coast, I went to the beach. I didn’t swim, but there were so many sticks (I LOVE sticks), and the sand was amazing for doing zoomies. I love to do zoomies and chase my tail.

I go to work a few days a week with my raiser; she is a dental hygienist. I just lay on my mat until I am asked to go for a walk down the hall. I keep hearing people say how hard it is not to pet me. Some of them try to sneak pets when my raiser isn’t watching. Especially the little kids. They usually ADORE me. And sometimes, my being there helps them get through their appointments. I am pretty sure every dental clinic would benefit from a dog!

I get to go on walks with my fellow PADS friend, Birdie. We are silly together. I got to have a sleepover with her this month, and it was pretty fun!

Until next month,
PADS Athena

Submitted by: Charlotte Collingwood