Hello Friends

What a busy month I have had! PADS Saint and I watched my human brother play hockey Provincials, and THEY WON! I pretty much slept through the whole thing, but I was cheering him on in my dreams. Then I was lucky enough to go to a few Canadian Ringette Championship games- it was so exciting and LOUD- I did so great. I also mostly slept through those games. This is a very important skill, and I have it mastered! I went to the human’s dentist this month (slept there too- see photo!). I also said goodbye to my roomie and PADS mentor, Saint. Everyone misses him- I gave the humans big snuggles so they wouldn’t be too sad. I miss playing with Saint, but he taught me a lot, and I hear he’s living his best life seeing kids at an elementary school every day, so I’m good with that. 

See you next month! 

Submitted by: The Beatons