This month has been quite an exciting month for me! Every day is a new day, and I’m experiencing lots of new smells, sounds and sights. My raiser and I went to Victoria to attend a little work meetup, where I was very excited to meet everyone and play in the park. Later this month, my raiser and I went on a camping trip to Sidney Island! It was my first time smelling the ocean breeze and sticking my little paws in the sand and water. I like sleeping in my kennel, and I am practicing taking lots of naps throughout the day to process all the exciting new experiences. I met my sitter and their pet dog Sora whom is now my new buddy that I get to play with! When I went to Costco, we practiced walking through the aisles nicely, and I did very well being calm. Fall is around the corner, and I can’t wait to see what the next month will have in store for me! 

Submitted by: Stephanie So