Beacon has been welcomed into Advanced Training this month! Beacon was very excited to come to Puppy University! He was quick to steal the hearts of our staff and all the other dogs.

His favourite time of the day is to play out in the yard with Radar II and Sprinter. They love to chase and share all the toys with each other. Beacon loves to parade the toys around when he has the chance. A quirk that we will be working with Beacon on is his uneasiness about being in the car and his tendency to bark at unseen noises. We are really impressed by how smart Beacon is. With a bit of regular training, I’m sure he’ll be able to handle this challenge like a pro. He is very keen on running beside the power chair, and he is very curious about the paw targets!

Beacon showed off his public skills on field trips to IKEA and Home Depot! Despite being distracted by the other dogs, he quickly regained focus on the handler.

We are very excited to have Beacon on our team; way to go!

Advanced training location: West Coast 

Submitted by: Leurie, Kennel Coordinator