This was an exciting month. I spent most of it learning about show business! I got to go to the PNE and perform with the SuperDogs!!! I walked around the coliseum and listened to lots of machinery noise as well as the loud music of the shows. I even got to go on stage and represent PADS in some of the shows. This was very exciting, as there are bright lights and THOUSANDS of people watching me strut my stuff. I even got to walk around the PNE and learned that sometimes people go on rides and are very loud…but it’s ok! There were hundred of animals in the barn that I learned are No Big Deal. The huge bulls were maybe a *little* scary but seriously, they’re HUGE.

In between long days at the PNE I got to romp on some mountains with my buddies which was very decompressing.

Overall I learned a LOT about how big and exciting the world can be. And I think I like it very much!

Submitted By: Emma Hedman