It’s been another month of work/play balance for Benny. Getting up at about 6 a.m. to avoid the summer heat, Benny gets his playtime in at the park and the lake. All this energy requires a nap. Then off to do errands like the mall, which is good for working on distractions, loose leash walking and resting on cool floors. Then maybe going out for lunch or coffee, which are not Benny’s favourite activities spending time under the table. Sometimes he nudges his big puppy body to remind us that he’s trying to wait patiently and would appreciate a little kibble as a reward.

Benny is a mellow, relaxed dog and communicates mostly through his wagging tail or his facial expressions. It’s been months since he barked. You know that Benny is present, either through his lovable talking in his sleep or bouts of zoomies where he hauls out all of his toys in his playful puppyish way.

Overall, Benny is simply a delight both in his personality and training.

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris