Oh, how Benny is growing. At nearly 4 months old, Benny is now in the 30-pound range. He’s too big to climb under couches and beds and has graduated from his baby kennel to an adult-size one. Still, Benny is very much a puppy. He loves his toys and sneakily steals slippers and boots.

Benny has turned into quite a cuddler. He prefers sleeping on a person’s feet rather than on his doggy bed. Benny loves his sleep, especially after his outings, where he is highly focused. One exhausting outing was at a high school where he was adored by students and teachers. He slept for the rest of the day! Even on his outings, Benny sleeps, including going to the movies and out for dinner.

In his puppy classes, Benny is known as the mellow one. He is curious and happily works to earn kibble as he practices new skills, yet he can also sit back and calmly watch (or snooze) through the class.

All in all, Benny is truly a delight.

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris