Hard to believe that little Benny is now six months old. Well, he’s not so little, and it seems that each morning as he stretches out of his kennel, Benny is getting bigger, to the point of being about 55 pounds. A bigger body, yet still as adorable and puppyish as ever.

Benny’s personality is also evolving. He is curious about everything, which means he has his little black button nose in everything. If he’s not nosing, Benny can often be found dragging items around the house; his own pillows and cushions are his favourites.

Meanwhile, with his formal training, Benny is mastering basic commands. His challenge is children. Perhaps it’s a mutual thing. When children see Benny, they squeal with delight and of course, being a puppy Benny struggles to hold himself back, but he’s learning.

Benny is such a smart pup!

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris