At five months, Benny has come a long way. He is fully house-trained, happily sleeps in his kennel and loves to be pampered with a bath or toothbrushing (it is, after all, chicken-flavored toothpaste). Even so, Benny is far from being a grown-up. He still loves his toys, chasing leaves and pinecones, and a good nap. In terms of his training, at this stage in his development, Benny goes out into the community regularly wearing his cape. This is challenging for Benny. Restaurants, malls, grocery stores, medical appointments, there is so much to see and sniff. It’s a struggle for Benny to be calm amongst all these distractions as well as admiring people. Benny is such a charmer with his wagging tail and adorable eyes. It’s tough to resist this pup, and he loves the attention!

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris