June was all about “work/play” balance for Benny.

Benny started volunteering once a week at a local Lodge for out-of-town guests who are receiving medical treatment. It’s clear to see that Benny’s presence is a lovely distraction. The Lodge guests and staff truly adore Benny, who seems to intuitively know who needs his special pup’s attention.

Benny was also much adored at the local PRIDE event. With his big smile and a powerful happy tail, Benny was hard to resist.

Amongst these special outings, puppy class and his usual errands, Benny found time to do some hiking and play with his PADS buddies. Benny’s newest friend is Peony, a three-month black lab. Peony loves to chew on Benny’s face and chase him around the park. Benny loves it!

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris