Happy First Birthday Benny!

Hard to believe that Benny is one year old. He’s so lovable and good-natured!

Some of Benny’s favourite things are:

  • Sports: definitely the water; either swimming or paddle boarding (only in shallow water).
  • Games: a good game of being chased and tug of war
  • Toy: It’s a toss-up between his stuffed octopus or a Kong
  • Resting activity: a good nap of course
  • Fur friend: Finian, the black lab PADS pup who’s recently moved in. Benny likes to cuddle, play, and train the little guy.

Benny is moving on to another raiser. He’ll be able to show off how he has mastered dog distraction, hanging out in restaurants and happy-go-lucky character.

Submitted by: Marilyn Harris