Berlin had the chance to spend some time with a few different sitters this month. During those times, he was able to play with other PADS puppies/dogs and did very well with them. Berlin has also spent several days visiting the local water spray park, which he loves!!!! πŸ™‚ An interesting thing happened yesterday morning. One of Berlin’s little people had a special stuffy of their very own, and told Berlin to go get his stuffy (purple dragon).. and he did just that! So there they were… little people and puppy… each holding their very own stuffies! Smart puppy! Training has been a bit scattered this month with the schedule and Berlin being away, but we continue to work on his recall. He seems to be much better at knowing ‘heel’ vs ‘side’. Before, he was confident in ‘side’, but not so much ‘heel’. Berlin had a visit to Mt. Seymour where he cooled off in the snow on a hot sunny day! (see photo)

Submitted By: Teri Shaw