Blake spent three weeks with a sitter after his neuter, and they really enjoyed his visit!

“He is a very sweet boy who watches over his people with great care.  He wants nothing more than to be physically close to them.  Blake also has a goofy side; he loves to ‘garden’ (i.e. inspect, trim and even pull out the odd plant, dig & eat strawberries right out of the flower bed, etc.). With practise, he was learning which parts of the garden were his to arrange and which to leave alone.

He has a very good recall and even checks in regularly with his people when at off leash dog parks.  He can be a bit nervous around new people and dogs but with a bit of time is warm to all.

Blake has the biggest eyes!  When he looks at you it makes you feel like he is seeing into your soul!  We greatly enjoyed our time with him.”

Submitted By: Kara Crawford (part-time raiser)