Blink is just the best dog we’ve ever had. She’s relaxed and calm in the house. People say she’s like a cat (in a good way…). She can tell time and knows when all the dogs are at the dog park (5:00 sharp). She seems easy to train in many ways. She’s very intuitive. We’ve taken her to restaurants, cafes, and to the noisy chaotic Railway Club with loud live music and she acted just like she’s been doing this all her life. Curls up under the table and goes to sleep. She’s happy to say hi to all the humans all of the time, and loves other dogs. It’s hard to put into words what a character she really is. People walking down the street just melt when she gives them her “look”. Her adult teeth are coming in and she’s being very brave about it.

Submitted by:   Anne/Rick Vulliamy