This month I went on many learning adventures. My brother and teachers have been teaching me so much. My favorite lessons this month are:

1. Learning Teacher’s words like: “bed,” “sit,” “down,” and my favorite “This way,” where I get to run as fast as I can to my teachers to get cookies! 

2. Having study lessons with other dog friends, As we learn walking on leash, sitting calmly and even some good play games! 

3. How to walk beside moving objects like carts, vacuums, suitcases, wheelchairs, and more! 

Things I’m still learning: 

1. It’s ok not to be on the move 24/7 

2. Bath time isn’t so bad 

3. Being calm and still while teachers talk to others or look at their knowledge machines. 

Can’t wait to share all the lessons I learn next month! Check out my Instagram. @padsbogey for live updates

Submitted by: A & S