Hello! I’m Bo! I’ve moved out of my mom’s house to start my journey to learn many things to become a working dog! I live with my teachers, and they teach me all sorts of me things each day. 

My favorite lessons so far have been: 

1. Exploring my new world – they call this socialization 

2. Running so fast and landing a perfect sit after I make a big jump when they call “puppy puppy” this lesson is what they call “recall.” 

3. All the games that come with all the cookies! I love love love my cookies, so I’m always quick to learn when cookies come out! 

Things I’m still learning to like: 

1. Rain 

2. Puddles 

3. Creeks 

Can’t wait to share all the lessons I learn next month! Check out my Instagram. For live updates!

Submitted by: Angela & Steve